Economic Empowerment

The program focuses on increasing financial literacy, building entrepreneurial skills, and connecting women with financial institutions. The goal is to create a sustainable income stream for women and youth, increasing their economic independence and enabling them to become self-sufficient.

Economic empowerment is crucial for women and youth in Uganda, as it provides them with opportunities to break out of poverty, gain financial independence, and improve their quality of life. Women in Uganda face significant challenges in accessing financial services and starting their own businesses, and the Economic Empowerment Program aims to address these issues by providing training, mentorship, and financial resources. By empowering women and youth economically, WORI is working towards creating a more equitable and prosperous society for all Ugandans.

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Our Approach

Our approach to economic empowerment is centered around the belief that empowering women and youth through sustainable income-generating projects is crucial in ensuring their independence and long-term financial stability. To achieve this, we strive to link women’s groups with financial institutions that offer accessible loans and funding to support their businesses.

To help women and youth achieve success in their entrepreneurial ventures, we also provide training in a range of skills, from basic business management to financial literacy, marketing, and more. Through this training, our beneficiaries are equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to effectively manage their businesses and achieve their goals.

We also recognize the importance of promoting financial independence for women and youth. This involves empowering them to access and control their own finances, and to make informed decisions about how to use their resources to create successful businesses. At WORI, we strive to provide the resources, training, and support necessary to promote this independence and help women and youth achieve economic success.

Join Our Team & Make A Difference!

We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds and experiences to help us achieve our mission. As a volunteer, you can work directly with community members and beneficiaries, or provide support through administrative tasks and fundraising. Join us and make a meaningful impact on women's rights and gender equality.